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We are not only providing the desired consistency, color, water retention for your ham products, but also offer the taste and texture you want. We serve All the materials you need for your ham products;

We offer functional solutions, spices and flavors, incense, natural coloring products and coating products in accordance with your problems and demands.

Upon your request special research and development can be made for you and your product.Special prescriptions can be offered to you.

We also have Combi options with multiple products.

Contact us for products and detailed information.

If you click on the names of the products you can find detailed information. For the problems and solutions you can use the table below.

GRANAT // ANTIMICROBIALS FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS It has been developed to extend the shelf life of meat products. Provides synergy with Purasal S (Sodium Lactate). It is effective on gram negative and positive bacteria and all pathogens. 0,3-0,5
REDOX // ANTIOXIDANTS FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS It ensures that the products are kept on the shelf for a long time without changing their color High quality natural antioxidants to retard oxidation and due to synergistic effect of the ascorbic acid. 0,5-1,0
G-PHOS // EMULSIFIED PHOSPHATE SALTS FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS It reveals the actin and myosin proteins in the meat and increases the water binding capacity of the meat. It also balances the PH value of Meat. Color influences the development. There is a protective feature. It stabilizes the structure of the product. Cooking reduces losses. 0,3-0,5

Hydrocolloids construction to give the desired consistency, provide a strong and elastic structure. It allows you to make an aesthetic presentation by preventing breakage and deformities.

PROTEX // STRUCTURE DEVELOPER, OIL HOLDER STABILIZER FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS  Protex® allows you to achieve a smooth and homogeneous structure by connecting oil and water. Cooking reduces losses. Especially in sausages, it prevents the formation of lactic acid bacteria by preventing the release of extra water in the package. It reduces the water activity in the products, thus extending the shelf life of the product. In thick caliber products, it increases the slicing ability and ensures the product to be cut properly. It provides economic contribution by reducing the cost of the product. Protex® is a product containing fiber, protein and hydrocolloid. It affects the molecules of oil and water with the values it contains and ensures that these molecules are kept stable in the product. 0,5-2,0


They are functional products developed for meat injection and marination. Thanks to the powerful functional products it contains, it increases the pH value of the meat and increases its water holding capacity.

FIBEX // VEGETABLE FIBERS FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS Fibex® products ensure the binding of water and oil at the same time, thanks to the functional herbal ingredients in its content. Packages in the water prevents the release. It reduces the cost of the product. It acts as a filler. It prevents drying in the product.It reduces cooking losses. 0,25-1,0


FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS They are high-protein vegetable protein isolates. It contains 80-90% protein and provides functional properties. Cholesterol-free source of protein. It is suitable for use in vegan and vegetarian products. Clean Label is. It is used in meat products to improve structure and increase the total protein ratio. 1,0-2,0
G-TG // ENZYMES FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS It improves the quality of the products, enables the production of more elastic meat products with high chewiness, low fragility, and more. It enables creating more functional recipes by using less chemical additives. Even if its protein content is low, it shows high performance in prescriptions. It forms covalent bonds between the transglutaminase enzyme and meat proteins. These bonds are not broken by heating or salt and interaction, but remain stable. During the shelf life of the product maintains its quality in terms of holding and structural properties of water. 0,1-0,2
G-COLORANT // NATURAL COLORING FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS It is a natural alternative to carmine and other artificial colors that give pink red color. It does not contain artificial coloring. It contains high-density plant extracts such as hibiscus and brown coal. It has different contents in the final product according to the desired color tone and process conditions. They are natural plant extracts designed to give color to pink, red and red to various foods, especially meat products, and to give a lively, bright appearance. 0,05-0,20
G-ARNISH // SPICES SPICES AND SPICE MIXTURES G-Arnish® is designed to offer permanent tastes suitable for your needs that will be in your memory in meat products. Special combinations for veal, lamb, lamb oil, chicken, fish, grilled flavor and incense flavor, mixtures that can be used to cover unwanted odors and flavors such as MDM, soy can be used for products containing the flavor of meat, chicken and fish varieties suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Liquid or powder types are available according to the application area. Thanks to its high meat flavor profile, it provides superior taste in history with low meat rate.  
G-XTRACT // SPICES EXTRACTS SPICES AND SPICE MIXTURES Concentrated spice extracts created from dried or ground natural spices bring the desired taste, aroma, smell and appearance to your product. Thanks to its more dense structure than normal spices, it saves space, product and material costs. 0,1-0,2
G-NATURAL // NATURAL SPICES SPICES AND SPICE MIXTURES These are seasonally tested seasonings that are harvested in the season, produced using traditional seeds, with intense taste and odor characteristics and food safety criteria.  
G-OLEORESIN // OLEORESINS SPICES AND SPICE MIXTURES It is a concentrated spice extract in liquid form obtained from dried or ground natural spices. It gives your product the desired flavor, smell and color specific to seasoning. Available in water and oil soluble varieties. 0,01-0,05
G-SEASONINGS //CONCENTRATED SPICE MIXES SPICES AND SPICE MIXTURES It is a variety of flavoring spice mixtures that you can use to obtain the flavor suitable for the desired end product variety. In traditional meatballs and regional standards used to prepare and perfect taste every time. It can be packaged according to your production quantity in a format suitable for the need. Since it does not contain limited additives, it provides the opportunity to adjust the product dosage according to the density you want. Does not contain MSG.  
G-COMBI // SPICES & FUNCTIONAL MIXTURES SPICES AND SPICE MIXTURES Combi adds value to products with both traditional and innovative flavors. With its specially designed product series, it serves those who seek flawless flavor. It gives the product an attractive appearance and flavor. Contains personally supplied mixtures and does not need to be purchased separately. It is designed for you as you wish. Stock tracking is practically done in a single product and no additional workforce is required for weighing, purchasing and warehouse tracking. Weighing errors are avoided. It also provides convenience, space and time savings. G-Combi contains functional building materials and spice extracts, it is added directly to the product. It provides the final product profile.  
G-WURZ COMBI // SPECIAL SPICES SPICES AND SPICE MIXTURES These are specially prepared spice mixtures. Spice extracts created from dried or ground natural spices bring the desired taste, aroma, smell and appearance to your product. Pepperoni sausage, mortadella salami, frankfurter sausage is used in products that require special spice mixtures.  
RED ARROW NATURAL SMOKE & GRILL AROME It gives smoked taste and color to the products. Liquid or powder types are available according to the application area. It can be added directly to the product as a powder or used by spray dipping method on the outer surface as a liquid.  
CORBION PURAC NATURAL ANTIMICROBIALS It increases shelf life and food safety by creating an antimicrobial effect in products. Natural antimicrobial varieties are available.  
FIBERSTAR CITRUS FIBER Thanks to the water retention in the products, it increases the efficiency, reduces water release, increases the consistency and improves the product. 1 kg of Citri-Fi holds 10 kg of water and / or oil.  
COSUCRA PEA FIBER Thanks to the water retention in the products, it increases the efficiency, reduces water release, increases the consistency and improves the product. 1 kg of Swelite holds 5 kg of water and / or oil.  
G-AROME AROME It gives the desired aroma to the products. Liquid or powder types are available according to the application.  



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